YouTube to remove the ‘Skip Ad’ button after finding no one clicking on it since last 5 days.

Mumbai. Youtube has been the most-watched platform as people do have much time in this lockdown period. But a big change was seen in the behavior of people, as per the data collected by YouTube. No one has clicked on the Skip Ad button in the last 5 days.


This change is a phenomenon as previously no one was watching the Ads and used to click the button in the first instance. YouTube has finally decided to remove the Skip Ad button and instead they will give 3-4 extra Ads for people to watch. More and more producers are jumping into Ad making after knowing that people are interested and are also having lots of time at hand to watch Ads.

The home ministry is also keeping a tab on YouTube to find out people who are clicking the Skip Ad button. The ministry feels that if a person doesn’t want to watch an Ad then it means that he/she is in a hurry to go out or do something against the Lockdown period, which is never good for the nation. So any person who will click the Skip Ad button will be arrested.

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