Yogi government to invest in botanical research to grow plants that produce saffron colored leaves

Lucknow. After government buildings, dividers, police stations, and other public places, toll plazas, now even the leaves on the trees in UP will be saffron in color. After announcing a big investment amount for the defense sector, the Yogi Government will produce plants that bear saffron color leaves.

Earlier in September, the state government painted the secretariat annex building (Shastri Bhawan) in shades of saffron and also launched a rural bus service with a saffron-colored fleet. But trees bearing saffron leaves will be a first in the world.

Yogi is determined to put India’s botanical research on the world map. He told Faking News “We have to become the pioneer of botanical research. No other CM tried it before me. But I am the one who takes initiatives, as risky as they may sound. People will criticize me for saffronizing everything, but they don’t see the larger interest of India. I will make UP the center of botanical research”

Yogi Ji also said in a Delhi rally that if Delhi voters need such plants then they should vote for a BJP government. Delhi elections will prove whether people have taken Yogiji’s commitment seriously or not

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