Starbucks staff misbehave with guy who was using wired headphones

Mumbai. It’s easy to spot the ultra-rich people of India. Just visit a Starbucks outlet and you will find the cream of India, the people who are responsible for the creation and consumption of wealth. A person not visiting Starbucks is not rich. Period.

And there are etiquettes to be followed when you visit Starbucks. That comes with practice. Shwetank Srivastava, who has recently become rich and did not have experience of how to behave in a Starbucks found a telling lesson on his first visit yesterday. Shwetank entered the Mumbai outlet with wired earphones and his iPhone.

Little did he know that only air pods are allowed inside Starbucks. He ordered his coffee and occupied a table. Right from the moment, he entered the outlet to the time he was waiting for his order, the staff members gave him a weird and serious look. Even the customers saw him with disdain. When he received his order, the staff started misbehaving with him and abusing him. He was asked if he became rich due to black money and was also asked to show his papers.

Shwetank showed everything and told the staff that he is legally rich. It was only after this that the staff members told him that Airpods are mandatory inside Starbucks outlets.

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