Samsung Fired Their Employee Who Drinks Apple Juice In Lunch Time

Popular mobile manufacture company Samsung having huge clashes with their competitor Apple Inc from many years. Both companies are best in mobile manufacturing. Samsung launches many mobiles in comparison of iPhone but this time their competition becomes huge.

Samsung finally decided that they’ll fire their all employees who use any kind of Apple whether its just a fruit. Yesterday Samsung India founds one of their employee drinking apple juice during lunch time as per doctor’s instruction. But they fired him immediately without giving a person to explain their condition.

Our team have little bit of conversation with ex samsung employee Amit Negi (28) about this incidence. He said that he was not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling he was sick from last few days and doctor instructed him to drink fresh apple juice. He added that he also feels guilty when drinking it but its for health so he did it.

After just half an glass Samsung India caught him red handed and fired him immediately. We’ve little conversation with Samsung as well and they said that we don’t allow these kind of intolerance in company and said that even he was sick then he should take leave and drink juice in home without knowing anyone. They added that because of him other employees may also started drinking apple juice and they took a right decision to fire him and set an example for other.

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