Salman Khan Is Going To Play Alien Role In His Next Movie

Popular bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani is going to make sequel of PK called SK and he signed Salman Khan for this time instead of Aamir Khan. With an exclusive interview with Mr. Hirani our team asked why he didn’t selected Aamir in his next movie SK ?

Rajkumar Hirani replies that Aamir demanded this time to visit other planet for real and learn their culture. So he can satisfy his role in the movie and keep his tag “Mr. Perfectionist”.

Hirani added that he also wants him to go in other planet and develop his alien knowledge but producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra doesn’t have enough budget for it. He asked for help from NASA and ISRO as well but they refused help them.

On the other hand Salman Khan looks and behaves like alien so Salman is obvious choice for this role. However salman demanded to change movie title from PK so SK and 200% share in earning.

Salman Khan said that he is doing this movie in cheap at just 200% because he trust Rajkumar Hirani skills. He is 100% sure that he will win oscar for this movie.

In this movie not just only Salman Khan replaced Aamir but Alia Bhatt replaced Anushka Sharma as well. Hirani thinks that Anushka Sharma have enough knowledge and no need to learn more from aliens but Alia must needed some. Hirani also demanded Rs.5,00,000 from Alia as tution fees.

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