Salman khan is going to get marry soon, all due to xi jinping the prime minister of china!

The marriage of Salman khan is always a matter of discussion in almost every age group of people. The people are more inquisitive to know about the Salman khan and even more about his marriage. On the fans’ demand, the Prime Minister of China Mr. Xi Jinping requested Salman khan to get married.

After knowing the fans based result to this Salman khan comes forward to talk to Mr. Xi Jinping about the same. The Salman khan agreed to xi Jinping at a condition that all the people of China will stop eating this bat, dog, crab, and all that creepy animals. Now, if the people of China will stop eating these things then Salman khan is going to marry soon in the future.

Now, all the attribute goes to Mr. Xi  Jinping and the peoples of china for the marriage of Salman khan. Indian fans are going to thanks china for this soon Lol!!



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