Pakistan approves plasma therapy for treatment, says it’s easier to pronounce compared to Hydroxychloroquine

Pakistan has approved Plasma therapy as the first line of treatment for fighting Corona. The reason they gave was that its easier to pronounce than the other option which is Hydroxychloroquine
Imran Khan, chairman of PTI, gives a speech as he declares victory in the general election in Islamabad
Even when they wanted the medicine from other countries they were getting the spelling wrong and hence they went for the better and easier option that is plasma therapy. The Pakistan government has still not conducted trials to find which mode of medication is better but according to them, Plasma Therapy is the best.

Transfusing critically ill Covid-19 patients with convalescent plasma — a component of blood rich in antibodies from patients who recovered from the disease — so that they can fight off the disease is a treatment showing promise world over. Imran Khan also said in a press conference that they will think about introducing Hydroxychloroquine as an option as and when his countrymen start pronouncing the name properly.

There are special classes run to teach the pronunciation to people and the govt. hopes that by the beginning of 2021 they can finally have the medicine for regular use in Pakistan, which is not the case currently

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