On the Kejriwal slap case, Shire Rahat Indauri asked ‘Are elections going on in Delhi?’

Shero shayari has always had its own color in India. You will find treasures from Ghalib to Lay to John Elia. Shayari is also used in many serious issues, and when a person becomes irrational on an issue, then by presenting a blazing and shrieking shayari, he can take the case in his favor. Some of the famous poets do relief in India.

Who doesn’t know Rahat Indori ji When the embattlement on the outskirts of the country increases after an attack like Pulwama, then Indouri Sahab through his poetry proves that kashidgi as an electoral trick. He has done the same thing today even after the Kejriwal slap case.

As you would know that elections are going to be held in the country’s capital on May 6, for which election campaign is going on very loudly. At the same time, just 2 days before the elections, a young man received a slapstick slap in a road show to AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal. While all the political parties are calling this slap blasphemous, Rahat Indouri Sahab has tried to describe it as an electoral trick through his poetry.

Poet Relief Indauri Sahab said in his poetry:

What is the attack on the leader in public slap, just know what is going on in the country nowadays?

Although Indauri Sahab has not mentioned anyone’s name in his poetry, it is clear that he is referring to Kejriwal ji because today he has been slapped.

However, after this poetry of Indauri, fans of Aam Aadmi Party have come down on protest and are calling Indouri ji an agent of RSS.

Rahat Indori Said:-

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