Lalu: I was just doing survey whether criminals are able to access phone inside jail or not

The BJP in Bihar on Saturday called for a criminal case to be filed against RJD chief Lalu Prasad after a TV channel aired a purported taped telephone conversation in which former MP Mohammed Shahabuddin is heard complaining to Lalu. But if sources are to be believed, Lalu used this technique to do a survey on whether criminals are able to access phones inside the jail or not, so that government can cat accordingly.

lalu Prasad yadav

“Lalu ji is not an official part of the government, so he doesn’t have a day to day say on governance matters. But as he has been doing so since years, he wants to contribute towards clean governance. In the past 2 weeks Laluji has called many criminals in jails just to confirm whether the use of cell phones in Bihar jails is rampant. This is his way of helping the government,”, said one of the RJD officials.

The official further added,” Once we come to know the exact number of criminals using cellphones inside the jail, we will furnish the list and the government will act according to the law. Credit should go to laluji for such an innovative method of tackling criminals in the state. If the survey would have been done my a non famous person no criminal would have undertaken the survey, but with Laluji conducting it, the criminals have to talk to him on phone and doesn’t have an option to say no.”

Lalu Prasad Yadav, as we speak has submitted his plan of action pertaining to the survey to Nitish Kumar. There is a list of criminals whom he will call in the next 1 month and wants full government support in this regards. He has asked the Nitish kumar government and also his own party members to not get bogged down by allegations from a TV channel or news reporters. According to him, nothing will stop him serve the people of Bihar and he will continue doing such surveys in future for the betterment of Bihar governance.

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