IT employee, atmanirbhar till now, hopeful of getting marriage proposals after Finance Minister announces that take home salary will go up

An employee working for a well known IT firm lost consciousness while he was listening to Finance Minister’s speech yesterday.


Mohit Bumb, the aforementioned employee, was shocked when FM said that take home salary will go up for employees after a reduction in EPF contribution.

Family members say Ranjith fainted out of joy after sensing a glimmer of hope over his salary increase.

“He has been working in the same company for the last  5 years. He joined the company straight from college. So in effect, his current salary is same as what it was when he joined the company.  In fact his father and grandfather too joined the company on the same starting salary,” revealed his mother.

But the reason for Ranjith’s joy was altogether different. Speaking to Faking News, he revealed, “I turned 33 and have been looking to get married for quite some time. But because of my IT job, have faced rejections in the past. Probably because the industry doesn’t pay well. All that will change after Finance Minister’s announcement. Apna time aa gaya.”

“In fact, today itself I received several calls from prospective brides. Surprised how things changed so suddenly. Till yesterday I was ‘atma nirbhar’, and today they all want to marry me,” he said with tears of joy in his eyes.

This has been the scene with other IT employees as well. Many feel that this will change the perception of IT professionals in the marriage market.

A senior associate working for a matrimonial site corroborated the aforementioned feeling. “Since the last few months, grocery shop owners and wine shop owners were in heavy demand. In fact, many men faked their profiles to show that they owned a grocery store. Many of them were IT employees as well. but all that will change now after the stimulus package,” he said.

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