IITian designs app to locate missing pair of socks, tops Google’s list of Hottest Apps of 2020

Halfway into the year, Google has released its list of Hottest Apps of 2020 and one of the most downloaded app on that list happens to be designed by an IIT Mumbai student.

Ankit Dudeja, a final year IITian found his app LifeSocks which claims to find the missing pair of socks, topped the list of Google’s hottest app of 2020. The beta version of the app was released on Playstore and saw a million downloads in just 3 days.

Our reporter caught up with Ankit at a nearby xerox shop where he was busy taking copies of assignments. Speaking on how he got the idea for the app, Ankit said, “Bathing and washing clothes is something we do once in a year at IIT. And even then my socks used to somehow get misplaced after washing them in the washing machine. This was the case with my other hostel mates too. Buying news socks was out of question as most of our money was spent on chai-sutta and we’d have nothing to buy clothes.

“Thats when decided to design an app using all my Computer Science knowledge to use. My design uses complex algorithms with AI and geo-location software to accurately hunt down where your socks are located,” he said.

The app creators have also managed to get funding for their startup from investors who feel Ankit’s ideas are good investment as they seek to solve everyday problems of people. “I think we can go beyond socks here. I know a lot of people lose one of their slipper while navigating water logged roads during monsoon. This app could be a boon for them,” said an investor.

Though Google and some angel investors seem mighty pleased with the app and see mighty potential in Ankit’s ideas. His father however doesn’t seem to be impressed. “We did not send him to IIT so that he could ‘find socks’. True test of his skills would be when he repairs a ceiling fan in front of family and relatives,” his father remarked.

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