If you are vegetarian then you are safe from corona!

After the corona outbreak, people are confused about what to eat and what to not. The news says that corona takes birth in china when the people ate bat theirs. As we are bounded to believe this only without anyway.

  • Now the other news is creating havoc in India that the people who are vegetarian are safe from the corona. And those who are non-vegetarian are in the more chance to get infected by corona. In different sectors, people are claiming that all who are infected with corona are surely a non-vegetarian.

In light of this news. Recently in people of singrauli, Madhya Pradesh the trend is going on to change the whole family into a vegetarian. They are influencing others also to change them into a vegan. By creating havoc about the same.

After this all news it’s your responsibility to be safe by not eating meat, beef, etc. As we don’t know who’s the next!!

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