Girl uploads unedited selfie on Facebook; friends fail to recognize her

Facebook friends of Shruti (21), a resident of South Bombay, were left in a tizzy after she uploaded her unedited picture on Facebook. Shruti, who is fondly called “photoshop” by her friends, decided to upload an unedited picture to show her never-seen-before look to her friends. However, the move backfired as everyone in the comments section started asking her who the girl in the picture was.

People did not just ask who the girl in the picture was, they also reprimanded Shruti by asking her not to misuse someone else’s pictures on Facebook. A comment read, “Please remove it because the girl in the picture can sue you for uploading this picture without her consent”. Devastated, Shruti removed the picture and deactivated her Facebook profile for 20 minutes to escape the trauma, after which, she reactivated her profile and uploaded another edited selfie with the caption “B@cK w!tH A b@nG, H@terzZ keEp H@t!ng xoxo”.

As quoted by her friends, Shruti was not only a make-up enthusiast but also a person who applied multiple filters to her pictures before uploading it. “She’d open the phone camera and start trying the filters before clicking the picture. Once the “filtered” picture is clicked, she would again go to photo-editing applications and edit it. Her phone was full of photo-editing software programs. You name it and she has it,” recalls Shruti’s best friend.

Pranav, Shruti’s boyfriend spoke to our reporter and shared his experience of having Shruti as his girlfriend. “You look at her pictures; with each upload, she looks different. I love it because she makes me feel that I don’t have just one girlfriend but many,” he smirked.

When we spoke to Shruti, we noticed that she carried two mobile phones. She explained, “I always run short of space due to having multiple photo-editing applications on my phone. Hence, I have to carry two.” Saying this, she removed three few hard disk drives from her purse. “These are full of photo-editing applications. I use these on special occasions. Now I gotta go; lots of editing to do!” she said and left.

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