From tomorrow, all BJP leaders will use ‘Lava’ instead of ‘iPhone’, Modiji said – “Buy local goods!”

New Delhi. Prime Minister Modi, in his address to the country yesterday, had started the advice to buy indigenous products from his home. Yes! Modiji has asked all BJP leaders to buy local products instead of foreigners.

Modiji addressing the nation
Explaining to the leaders of his party, Modiji said, “Friends, before telling others, we have to act on our own so that an example can be set before the countrymen.”

He then asked the leaders to buy ‘Lava’ instead of ‘iPhone’, ‘Mahindra Bolero’ in place of ‘Fortuner’ and ‘Lux Koji’ in place of ‘Jockey’, which soon stirred BJP leaders because of the food and drink. He has got used to foreign products in everything from bathing to washing.

A senior BJP leader, on the condition of anonymity, told Faking News his problem and said, “Now tell me, brother! If we see ‘Lava’ or ‘Intex’ in our hand instead of the iPhone, will we be honored?

And the Fortuner has become an unofficially national leader of our people. Now how will we be able to adjust in another car instead? ” Saying this Netaji started to sob.

Meanwhile, it is learned that BJP leaders are also getting support from leaders of other parties on this issue. Now all of these together are going to request Modiji not to give too much emphasis on the issue of ‘Local’ or else some leaders may be killed due to this!


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