Food blogger’s neighbor complains about him entering their kitchen daily to rate the food during lockdown

Neighbors of a food blogger have registered a complaint against him for entering their kitchen without permission and daily reviewing their food. This happened for almost 10 days after which Sanil and family registered a complaint against Jagdish.

Jagdish is a renowned food blogger in Delhi and has over 2 million subscribers on his youtube channel. Due to the lockdown, he was not able to review outside food and hence was getting restless. He always used to get a good aroma from Sanil’s place as Sanil’s family used to prepare some delicious food during the lockdown period. This made him enter Sanil’s kitchen 10 times during the last 10 days. He was rating the food and many times even gave a negative rating to the food.

This made Sanil’s wife angry and hence Sanil had to finally register an FIR against Jagdish. Jagdish is untraceable as he is always on a new location tasting someone’s food. Police have been keeping an eye on his movement by watching the CCTV footage of the society and are sure that they will nab the culprit soon. There are many complaints coming from different parts of the country about food bloggers harassing their neighbors.

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