Five guys in project complaining they have no time to die come forward to be mentor of new intern girl

It was becoming increasingly difficult for project manager Lalit Tiwari to manage some of the most experienced engineers in his team. Any work you assign to them however small it is, they will complain they are over loaded and have no bandwidth to take up anything more.Lalit being a senior professional used his ‘brahmastra’, that is ‘men will be men’ test to know how loaded some of those engineers are. He sent out one email asking who all are free to be mentor for the new intern girl Pooja who has joined us last week. In a record 0.3 millisecond he got response from five who always complained to him saying they do not have time to die.
“I am glad to know my team members read my email. If mail is ‘interesting’ like this one, they reply quickly too,” said Lalit while speaking to us.
Lalit who is planning to use the same email subject for next one month so that team members read and respond to him on the tasks assigned to them said, “Always thought my team members are only quick to react when I move near their cubicles. They will be fully engrossed in surfing social media pages or chatting on FB messenger, they will switch their active window to some ‘complier’ screen in lightning fast mode to show me they are working.”

The five techies have asked Lalit to be fair and choose the one with ‘fastest finger fast’ means who sent the email first, that should be checked by IT admin by going through mail server logs timestamp. In the meantime, Pooja has conveyed to Lalit, she does not need a mentor. She has gone through documents available on the project webpage which are so clear, no need of any mentorship. She is ready to own some tasks.

These five techies are checking who is uploading such nice documents to project page to teach him a ‘proper’ lesson.

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