Electricity did not go out even after rain, people will honor operator.

You all know that electricians need some excuse to cut the light, it is common to go light with the first drop of rain. On the contrary yesterday, there was an incident that for some time there was a stir in the city. Hua Raman’s “New Zealand” was enjoying the match in India and since it was rainy season, by default there were pakoras in the house which were adding four moons to their match.

Only then did Raman anticipate, the tip came raining, Raman, aware of the habit of the electricians, stood up loudly without waiting for the power cut and turned off the TV and came to the balcony cursing the electricians. But no one had imagined this, even after spending 5 minutes when the light did not go, Raman ran to turn on the TV with happiness and worry, worrying that everything was fine in the electric control room.

When he told this to his area councilor “Aman”, immediately some people left for the control room. Seeing the operator “Chaman” safe there, everyone’s eyes became happy and people lifted Chaman on the shoulders.

In the city, this exploit of Chaman continued to be discussed. The grandfather of Raman’s neighborhood told him that such a wonderful incident happened 20 years ago when the light did not go on even after the rain, because the lever of the control switch was blocked due to repeated on-off.

At the same time, after knowing about this incident, a high level inquiry was set up by the Electricity Department, the first sighting was that since Chaman had joined the department recently, he made this mistake. At the same time, the electricity is very hurt by this insane and saying that this incident has soothed his face.

By the time the news is written, it has also been learned that the people of the city have demanded the award of Chaman and after the rainy season the Energy Minister himself will honor him. For now Chaman has gone underground due to a fear of his department.

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