Due to shortage in Drugs High peoples are been in rehab centre.

Singrauli a friend reported that being at home all-time they don’t take a drug like stuff and they are been rehab in this quarantine but they are been fighting with family members if any of your family members are being spotted fighting with others please ignore them.
As the author examination, I found that habit of anything is dangerous and the person who is suffering from this is nothing but a dragon fireball from inside.
this quarantine is making all good but it’s affect economy because high peoples are those people who are so much rich to do such kind of stuff and costly stuff all can not do this so if they are in problem so what will happen to the low-class people who are doing jobs in under of that people.
so Modi JI please remove this shit from drugs and make in India will happen.

As we all know about Sanjay Dutt the Sanju baba he also takes drugs right from the beginning and you all know he is a rich person and so it proves that do die the rich its all be your shitty people and government.

so its the news not new a piece of faking truth news so must read contents and enjoy with me and my website.

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