Dhinchak Pooja Replaced Shreya Ghoshal In Next Anu Malik Composition

Anu Malik one of the most unique and versatile music director who gives chance to so many newcomers. Now interested in working with Dhinchak Pooja in his next song.

We’ve heard that Anu Malik offers Rs.20 lakh rupees to Pooja for singing song in his next album. He first wants Shreya Ghoshal to sing that song but after listening to “Selfie Maine Le Li Hai”, “Swag Wali Topi” & “Daru Daru Daru” songs of Dhinchak Pooja he changes his mind.

We’ve talked to Malik about it and he said that Shreya is good singer but what he’s looking now for his next album is best singer from India and no doubt Dhinchak Pooja is the only one who can justice with his music. He added that Shreya may find little bad about it but she understands now that young and talented people should get chance to work with best music director now.

We also asked that if Dhinchak Pooja is ready to sing for him or not and he said that it was hard to convince Pooja for it but when he promised her that he will dance on her song “Swag Wali Topi” and post on Instagram then she’s convinced.

Malik also shared title of his upcoming song as well which is “Selfie Main Le Leta Agar Tu Daru Pike Swag Wali Topi Pehen Leti”.

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