Demand for Old Monk witnesses exponential increase after Govt’s call to buy local products

In PM in his address asked citizens to buy local products to boost floundering economy and tipplers are doing their bit for the revival.

old monk

According to sources, sales of Old Monk rum saw an exponential increase even as wine shops across the country were out of stock.

A wine shop owner that our reporter spoke to said, “Those who were earlier buying foreign-made liquor, have not switched to Old Monk. Beer drinkers to have changed from Tuborg to Bira and Kingfisher. Although it is good that Old Monk is flying off the shelves, what about foreign brands.”

Not just Old Monk, preferences for chakhna also turned swadeshi. “Those who took packets of Lays to munch on while having beer, were seen buying packets of Haldiram’s,” said a grocery shop owner.

Those choosing the vanilla flavored rum over other spirits, found themselves in a difficult spot thought.

Popular brands of rum mixers such as Pepsi, Thums up and Coke are owned by videshi companies. Many were still not ready to make change to a local cola brand, because there does not exist one.

However, there were speculations that Patanjali cola would fill the gap. There was no confirmation on this by the company though.

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