Delhi boy purchases Watermelon from train window, ends up holding it for 16 hours

New Delhi, As our social media is too great and our news channels too during this quarantine when the railway ministry started the train facility this man is going to his home and he purchases the watermelon from Delhi outer Railway Station.

But the problem is that he catches the entire watermelon from the train window and he is unable to get it into train or eat that watermelon and good to know you that the train is non-stop train to Bhopal Junction.

And that man holds that fucking watermelon 16 hours of the entire journey its seems to be impossible but that man make it mission possible he is none but a Indian that dont waste food.

After all this shit happen when train reaches its destination at Bhopal the entire Bogy do party of that watermelon but if you know the reality the watermelon is corona infected and about 50 peopes are too infected from it.

Hope you all become good and fine but bach ka rehna re baba corona ko ni pata hai ki aap ka dada sansad or vidhayak hai LOL.

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