Dad teaches kid to share food with others; kid shares food on Instagram

Any parent in the world wants their kid to learn the importance of sharing. They often teach their kid that sharing is caring.
However, sometimes this can backfire and lead to something else, like it happened with Colaba resident Sanjay Singhania. Sanjay, CEO of a $50 million company, thought that teaching his son Aryan to share food with others will make him kind and humble. But since today’s kids are technologically more advanced, Aryan took the interpretation of his father’s teaching, as sharing food with others, but on Instagram.

We got hold of Sanjay in his 3500 square feet Colaba home and here’s what he said, “I have done everything for my kid that any parent on this earth would do. Aryan was born in Kokilaben Hospital. When we brought him home, we built a custom-made Armani cradle for him. We bought clothes for him from Zara and Van Heusen. When he turned 10, I gave him his first iPhone. But what did I know that providing him this plethora of facilities and privileges would turn him into a mechanical and digital robot. He has become so immersed in these gadgets and social media that he is online for 18 hours a day. And mind you, he’s just 12. Last night, I told him to always be humble and helping towards others and to share his food with others.”

“Today morning, he came running to me saying he shared his food with 3500 people. At first I was very happy that my son is learning how to be a good human being, but when I realised that by 3500 people, he meant his Instagram followers, I facepalmed myself. Imagine a 12 year old kid having 3500 followers. When I was a kid, we didn’t even have that many people in our village. Last week, he didn’t show me his report card, but rather tagged me on the photo of report card on Facebook. The other day he told his maternal uncle to PayTM him the money rather than handing it out as shagun; and now today, this Instagram thing. The day is not far when he will not leave the room and talk to us just via Skype,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sanjay got a Skype call from his kid Aryan asking Sanjay to show his feet so that he can take his blessing as it was his exam the next day. Sanjay furiously left the hall and marched towards Aryan’s room so we had to end the interview.

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