Clapping bottles will keep you stay healthy all time

Ujjain, Mohit Bumb said that having two bottles a beer a day keeps not you healthy when you do not clap the bottle till it breaks.

So the audience stay tuned on this I’m revelling all secret news what the matter beside this.

As we all know everyone is unique in own nature and Mohit is also, when the last drop of the bottle was not end he sit on the chair.

As the medical report of Mohit bumb we examined and the astrologers see they said that he is no one he is the son of God who is born for drinking all liquor of the earth like Shiva drink all poison of the earth the mohit will drink all liquor of the earth.

Friends are the excuses of the mohit the real truth is he doesn’t want to tell anyone that he having so many secrets inside them.

As my friend, the media report has been out and Mohit was found clapping beer bottles and as we all know is safe from coronavirus that is COVID-19.

So who drink beer and want to be safe from all diseases so start with you must share this news and safe peoples from corona and all diseases.

Clap with beer bottles till it breaks

Best of Luck I am safe here hope you so.



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