Carryminati is going to be a highest paid tik toker in india!

As we know that the hustle is going on between youtuber’s and tik toker’s nowadays. This all is started with a video of amir sidiqui (tik toker) in which he had some bad words for the youtuber’s who roast tik toker’s in their channel by pointing some of the youtuber’s.

Then came the carryminati! He came with a roast video on amir sidiqui. And very rapidly it begans to break many records of YouTube. And after some day the video is off air from the YouTube. Now after this the youtube is getting fire for tik tok and many of the people reviewed the tik tok and get its rating from 4.5 star to 1.2 star.

After seeing this, now tik tok company is ready to pay carryminati a highest package ever for the endorsement of tik tok.

Now, let’s see that the carryminati is going to have this offer or not. Lol!

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