Carryminati and Amir Sidiqui Nominated for Best Jodi Award (Filmfare)

After all this controversy of TikTok vs Youtube, oh sorry its Youtube vs Tiktok, I forgot Youtube name should come before TikTok.

Filmfare jury was a bit confused that this is not related to bollywood but then they realise that in 2019 they give award to Bhuvan Bam AKA BB ki vines as well for his short film on Youtube, just because Karan Johar wants his 5 mins. act (to get insulted from Titu Mama) on Youtube Fanfest.

So why not next year on Filmfare 2021 lets nominate Carryminati and Amir Sidiqui for Best Jodi award. As we all know both of these creators supports each other too hard so they both can get so many views and fame and their strategy works as they planned as well.

Carryminati’s video in which he just abuses few TikTokers and his partner Amir as well and breaks so many records on Youtube.

On other side nobody knows Amir Sidiqui before this controversy but after Carryminati roasted him now he becomes masiah of his platform TikTok.

Because of this kind of support and some stupid audience they are able to break even Akshay Kumar’s song record in matter of likes.

But after Filmfare jury makes this decision Lakshya Chaudhary gets angry as he said he also plays an important role in all this, so he should also get nomination in supporting role.

But jury said its all started because of Elvish Yadav so only he deserves nomination for supporting role not Lakshya.

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