Breaking Top 10 NEWS of India

  1. In Delhi there will be virus rain and storms, so be at home and be safe.
  2. In lockdown, the 7-year-old missing wife gets its husband back with 5 children.
  3. Mukesh Ambani will be the new richest person in Asia and will donate all his money to Ratan Tata.
  4. In lockdown, the Brazzers and Pornhub will free its subscription till the death ratio and new born baby ratio will not maintain.
  5. Pakistan will cry for Tiddi and the government will order to eat Tiddi because all money is sucked by corona virus.
  6. Satna will be the High district of the M.P because all citizen of satna drinks DESI DARU.
  7. PM Modi will pass new article that singles are with be girls according to AADHAR CARD.
  8. After Mirzapur the Patalok will be new most watched series of Amazon Prime.
  9. In Mumbai, all girls need his Boyfriend back because all boys are resisting girls if they having corona they will go under quarantine for 21 days.

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