Arvind Kejriwal Filed FIR Against Narendra Modi

We have seen many times that Arvind Kejriwal blames Narendra Modi on different occasions. But mostly for stupid reasons but this time Kejriwal blames Modi for right reason.

Kejriwal said that he already warned Modi many times for his low internet connection but he always ignores him. So this time he lost his temper and filed FIR in Police Station.

Actually Arvind Kejriwal purchased new sim card and 2G data connection of 150 mb and tries to view youtube videos on 720 px but it keeps loading for 3 days. After waiting for 3 days without eating or drinking anything he invites media for press conference in his home and claims that because of Modi he missed The Kapil Sharma Show episode.

He also claims that BJP leaders just pay for 4G and gets better speed than AAP leaders who also pays for 2G connection.

In this matter finally Rajnath Singh also breaks his silence and says that Kejriwal used all his data in watching MTV Roadies and now blaming BJP for it.

But Kejriwal says that he will return his complaint only when Modi government promise to give him hotspot.

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