Aliens will meet the Prime minister Modi for their promise deal

The aliens lands on the earth. A streak of light comes towards the earth. It comes from the twinkling stars. Far from the galaxies. The light now turns into UFO. UFO now lands on Himalayas.

It’s the day of 19th May 2019. The prime minister is in the cave. Meditating for the truth. He is alone in the cave. UFO lands in front of the cave. Two creatures comes out from UFO. Looks like men. Moreover, their bodies are made of light, air & empty space. Their eyes are blue & shining. Their height around five feet.

Aliens while talking to Modi Aliens while talking to Modi
The two men enters into the cave. Now, a white light spreads in the cave. A sort of calmness & peace spreads around.

PM wakes up. It was a great surprise. Who they are? God knows.

He says, ‘yes. Who are you? & what can I do for you?’

The alien replies, ‘We know India & Indian people for a long time. They are kind generous & religious. We know, you will not put us in zoo. You will not keep us in jail.In fact, the Americans & the Russians will put us in zoo or in jail. Hence, we are here at the right place.

The Alien adds. ‘You are the leader. A right person. We know. We are coming from far galaxies. Galaxy- MACS0647-JD.

PM now understands. Thus, PM welcomes them. He says, ‘Please sit & have a glass of water. Be comfortable.’

Alien, ‘Thanks, leader. However, our bodies does not need water. Our bodies are made of three different elements. We need something else.

The second Alien says. ‘We have great power. We can hypnotize masses. We help you win the minds of people. But, you have to work for the common people. Irrespective of caste, race, creed or color. So, We promise you to be in power for next 10 years.

PM is happy. Accepts their blessing. Furthermore, there is pleasant conversation. From heart to heart. Moreover, promises to take India to new heights.

Aliens says, ‘We will come back after 10 years. We can see clearly. In fact, a war will destroy the Europe & America & the gulf countries. Thus,India will lead the world in the years to come. We will then invite the government to join our organization. Extraterrestrial relations.’

The aliens board the UFO & leave for their galaxy.

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